Our services

We believe that every client is unique and has different needs in terms of international development. That's why we decide to offer you more than a simple advisory service, but a unique and customized project from start to finish. At LOGOS, the solution is created with the client. We analyse your strengths and weaknesses on the local market, so that your development project may be secured and lasting. Every project is carried out by a consultant specialized in your branch of business activity.

Setting up buisness

Through customized start-up assistance, LOGOS advises and assists you in each step of your set up in Eastern Europe markets, such as preparation of administrative files, status, registration modalities and coordination until the official registration (accounting services, translations, opening of bank account, recruitment and HR managment).

Administrative support

  • We offer you judicial, fiscal and accounting support in the daily operation of your company, in order to carry out your project in accordance with the country's specific legislations.

LOGOS brings valuable and necessary judicial, fiscal and accounting assistance, working closely with judicial and accounting firms approved by the concerned ministry in each country.

Commercial & industrial set up

  • We advise and help you in your commercial and/or industrial set up in Eastern European countries.

LOGOS advises you regarding what kind of structure to place and assists you legally and administratively in each step of your company creation.

Commercial premises research

  • We help you in building land or office research, adapted to your project and according to your specifications.
  • We collaborativelly define the best location, search for the site, realise the preliminary analysis of identified sites, collect documents, organize your trip and your meetings, and accompany you during visits and negotiations.

LOGOS assists you in the validation of a location, lease and contract negotiations in each step of your project.

Mergers & acquisitions

  • We support you in each step of the depth canvassing and potential partner selection.

In the context of partial or total participation, a senior consultant supports your project from start to realization. He accompanies you during the meetings on site and the first negotiations. He will oversee each step of coordination (legal, financial, technical, commercial and HR audit) and negotiation with the selected company, until the signing of contracts.