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Central and Eastern Europe have attracted strategic initiatives for many years. Its geographical location between Western Europe and Asia, its various political systems and aspects, as well as its intellectual richness give a strategic meaning to this part of the world.

Czech Republic

Market information

  • The Czech Republic has been a Member of the European Union since 2004.
  • It has one of the most developed economies in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Economic growth is deeply influenced by exports demand and incoming Foreign Direct Investments.
  • The government set a program to reclaim public finances and meet Maastricht expectations regarding a possible adoption of the Euro currency.
  • The agriculture sector is highly subsidized and represents about 2% of the GDP.
  • The manufacturing sector and especially the automotive industry, represents 40% of the GDP and employs 40% of active population.
  • The country set-up a strategy for the development of new technologies as the future of the Czech Republic.

France's position in the external economic relations of the Czech Republic is considerable. As the 5th international investor, France is present in the Czech market, as almost 500 French companies have invested in the Czech Republic and represent 100,000 jobs. France is the 4th customer and the 9th supplier of the Czech Republic.


  • Highly integrated into the international production scheme
  • Most targeted country concerning FDI in Central Europe
  • Current debt, foreign currency debt and credit growth


  • Highly dependent on European demand: exports represent 84% of GDP, 67% of exports are directed to the EU
  • Ageing population
  • Too few skilled professionals



Surface area
78 866 km²
10.5 million inhabitants
Czech Crown (CZK)
GDP Growth
1.8 % in 2014
Per capita GDP
19 502.9 USD
Corporate taxes
Social security contributions
Working week
40 hours / week
Paid leave
26 days / year
Country COFACE notation
Business environment
French subsidiaries