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Central and Eastern Europe have attracted strategic initiatives for many years. Its geographical location between Western Europe and Asia, its various political systems and aspects, as well as its intellectual richness give a strategic meaning to this part of the world.


Market information

  • Belarus occupies a strategic position between the European Union and Russia.
  • The country is a point of almost obligatory passage between the EU and Russia.
  • Belarus is a founding member of the Customs Union Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan (2010) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
  • The country has a strong industrial tradition.

The development potential of trade is high in Belarus. The entry into force of the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015 creates new opportunities, particularly for French companies already operating in Russia. In 2010, the credit insurance policy (which defines the making capacity guaranteed by Coface, acting on behalf of the State of export contracts) was re-opened for Belarus.



  • An extensive network of road and rail infrastructure
  • Stability of the banking sector, dominated by Belarusian banks
  • A small deficit
  • A low unemployment rate
  • A skilled workforce and low production costs
  • Low-cost energy
  • Membership in the customs union involving Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 


  • Regular tensions with Russia
  • As a unique political situation: no elections have been recognized as valid by the international community since 2011. The Head of State has been in power since 1994
Surface area
207 600 km²
7.37 million inhabitants
Belarussian Ruble (BYR)
GDP Growth
0.9 % in 2014
Per capita GDP
8 195 USD
Corporate taxes
18 %
Social security contributions
Between 1 and 35 %
Working week
40 hours / week
Paid leave
21 days / year
Country COFACE notation
Business environment
French subsidiaries