Our services

We believe that every client is unique and has different needs in terms of international development. That's why we decide to offer you more than a simple advisory service, but a unique and customized project from start to finish. At LOGOS, the solution is created with the client. We analyse your strengths and weaknesses on the local market, so that your development project may be secured and lasting. Every project is carried out by a consultant specialized in your branch of business activity.

Study & diagnosis

LOGOS assists you in each step related to international development, in order to have good knowledge about market specifics and to optimize your chance of international success.

Export diagnosis

  • To know your company and its business in order to evaluate your capacity of development in Eastern European markets
  • To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company and gain more knowledge of what needs to be improved to have efficient development

With the gathered information, the LOGOS consultant will help you target a proper strategy depending on your goals.

Market validation

  • To learn of trends and specificities of your business sector in the targeted country/countries through information research in order to analyse your potential development in targeted markets

Thanks to the gathered information, the LOGOS consultant will advise which country/countries to target and what would be the proper strategy to choose.

Market study

  • To collect, in a personalized way, information about one or several markets in order to help in decision-making

A LOGOS consultant will deliver a report summarizing essential elements for an efficient development strategy on the targeted market(s).

Feasibility study

  • To evaluate the potential of development through identification of competition
  • To know consumers' expectations
  • To qualify and quantify the market in terms of potential and setting up opportunities of an industrial or commercial structure

A LOGOS consultant will elaborate a report presenting project opportunities and quantify goals on the targeted market(s).